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It's been awhile since i did a tagg soo here!
maybe this'll help you know more about my goobs !<3
Please enjoy!<3

And if you have any questions about them, feel free to ask!<3

Given to me by :iconchaos-le-mieux:
1. Choose a few of your own characters. Between 5 and 10.
(or more or less if you'd like )
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag some friends, the number of tags matching your number of OC’s
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself! – (Mark your own questions with brackets)

+ Keronians :

+ Octolings :
-Second Oldest
-Young Octo

1) How old are you?
-vVizaza : Older than yooou~
-vVarara : Classified
-Vasisi : 21
-Itzimimi : 25
-Panzeze : hmm.."51" (his age is a mystery)

-Second Oldest : i'm 21 years old.
-SWOcto : i'm 22.
-Young Octo : 19 my dude.

2) What's your height?
-vVizaza : 4 feet
-vVarara : 3 feet 5
-Vasisi : 3 feet
-Itzimimi : 3 feet 5
-Panzeze : 4 feet 5

-Second Oldest : i'm 1 m 80 cm
-SWOcto : 1 m90
-Young Octo : 1 m 65

3) What are you, race and/or creature wise?
-vVizaza : i literally have no idea~
-vVarara : Amalgamate
-Vasisi : frog
-Itzimimi : mutated frog
-Panzeze : hmmm....frog?

-Second Oldest : Well, i'm obviously an Octoling
-SWOcto : Octoling, you blind?
-Young Octo : i'm a pirranah, nah just kidding i'm an octopus

4) OK, a little more about you… Hair/eye colours? Leftie or rightie?
-vVizaza : i'm right handed ! multi coloured eyes!
-vVarara : left handed, red eyes
-Vasisi : Right handed, white eyes
-Itzimimi : i'm good with both hands , gray and red eyes
-Panzeze : i am also good with both hands, and i have golden and red eyes

-Second Oldest : I'm right handed, yellow eyes.
-SWOcto : right handed, my eyes are white,i am not blind though.
-Young Octo : right handed too, yellow eyes

5) Do you have any bad habits?
-vVizaza : i have a tendency to eat people's soul when they piss me off..
-vVarara : i sometimes..sleep...yes..sleeping is a bad habit of mine
-Vasisi : forgeting to turn the safety on on the firearms
-Itzimimi : i sometimes eat my patient's organs, and drink their blood.
-Panzeze : I like to eat when i feel nervous

-Second Oldest : I nibble on my tentacles when i'm nervous, is that bad?
-SWOcto : ... huge midnight snacks
-Young Octo : ...i like to use japanese words i heard on anime...

6) Are you a virgin?
-vVizaza + vVarara : No.
-Vasisi + Itzimimi : No.
-Panzeze : No

-Second Oldest : w..well..uhm..yes, but i think i'm CLOSE to finding one, i think...sooner or later...., i hope..
-SWOcto : *blush*...erm..y..yes
-Young Octo : ..yeeeep..

7) Who's your mate/spouse?
-vVizaza : *Points to vVarara* <3
-vVarara : ...*Blush*
-Vasisi : *points to Itzimimi*
-Itzimimi : *points to Vasisi*
-Panzeze : ... (they dead)

-Second Oldest : i don't know yet, it can be anyone, gender's no problem
-SWOcto : I don't have one.
-Young Octo : Octavio is my bae<3 (nah just kidding)

8) Do you have any kids?
-vVizaza : oooh~ wouldn't that be grand~<3
-vVarara : Heavens no!
-Vasisi : too busy so no.
-Itzimimi : can't, doing surgery, half dead mercenary, busy!
-Panzeze : ... i had...children

-Second Oldest : E..eeh?! w.w.why ask that so suddenly?? *blushing a deep red* N..not yet! i'm single!
-SWOcto : *Flustered* ..n..NO!..i told you already i don't have a mate! hmpf!
-Young Octo : *Blush* Yooo, dude wha- No!

9) What's your favourite food?
-vVizaza : Vietnamese Steak and eggs! oooh baby!<3
-vVarara : the very best of gourme dishes. (Instant noodles)
-Vasisi : Fried Japanese Tofu with salted eggs ..*Droooooling*
-Itzimimi : Boiled Pekopon Pig Intestines oh! and boiled Pekopon Pig Kidneys * She hungers for guts*
-Panzeze : crab meat soup *soup sooths his tired soul*
(They all like Earth food deal with it)

-Second Oldest : *Sparkling eyes* Okonomiyaki!<3<3
-SWOcto : Oden !!<3
-Young Octo : fried noodles,egg on top~

10) What's your favourite ice cream flavor?
-vVizaza : Soda
-vVarara : grape.
-Vasisi : Fresh Milk
-Itzimimi : Blood.
-Panzeze : a..any flavour is fine...i enjoy ice cream in general..
(They all like Earth food deal with it)

-Second Oldest : Fresh milk!
-SWOcto : Straw berry and Milk combo
-Young Octo : just gimme all of em! D@mn you!

11) Have you killed anyone?
-vVizaza : Oooh~ a "few" ~<3
-vVarara : *raise an eye brow*...what do you think?
-Vasisi : Too many to count.
-Itzimimi : Killing is such a strong word don't cha think? i wouldn't consider it killing if their organs are put to better use.
-Panzeze : i...don't like disccusing about it..

-Second Oldest + SWOcto + Young Octo : ... *silence, don't ask my babies about death!!! *

12) Do you hate anyone?
-vVizaza : Yes..GOLDEN...and a Rainbow! *Sharp teeth gritting*
-vVarara : i hate many...most recent is a king and his troublesome kid.
-Vasisi : *whispers* mother.
-Itzimimi : No one, cuz they're all dead<3
-Panzeze : No, i prefer not to hate.

-Second Oldest : one i know of
SWOcto : nah, i don't like keeping a grudge
Young Octo : no one ever did me harm, so nah *Shrug*

13) Have any secrets?
-vVizaza : yes! it's Classified~<3
-vVarara : Classified.
-Vasisi : won't tell *kawaii tease wink* desu~<3
-Itzimimi : none of your business~
-Panzeze : i prefer to keep it on my person.

-Second Oldest :'s too embarassing to tell!..i'm sorry!
SWOcto : ...*Whisper* i think traps are kawaii and sugoi...
Young Octo : ...I secretly have a harem~ (Nyeeeh just kidding~!)

14) Do you love anyone?
-vVizaza : yes! of course! a thousand times yes!<3
-vVarara : yes. *She smiles*
-Vasisi : yes i do.
-Itzimimi : i do too<3
-Panzeze : *Smiles*...yes...yes i did..

-Second Oldest : My sisters are my loves<3
-SWOcto : my sisters of course...
-Young Octo : Eeeey i love big B00b sama and big booty sama, and the twins!<3 (she talkin' bout her crew)

15) What is your job?
-vVizaza : Supreme Commander of a shooty shooty killy killy Organization<3
-vVarara : *groan* baby sitter...apparently.
-Vasisi : Merc
-Itzimimi : I'm a doctor, pilot, Predator, and a mom!
-Panzeze : I am a mercenary.

-Second Oldest : Sniper!
-SWOcto : Charger.
-Young Octo : Roller! Golden Dynamo~

16) Boy or Girl?
-vVizaza : I can be both~
-vVarara : Female
-Vasisi : Both
-Itzimimi : Female
-Panzeze : Male

-Second Oldest : i'm a girl!
-SWOcto : Female.
-Young Octo : well duh~ i'm a LAaady!

17) What do you do to relax?
-vVizaza : Resting in my Wife's embrace<3
-vVarara : do extra work...or resting with her, having dinner, also with her
-Vasisi : Try on fashionable clothes, and paint my nails, messing with make up..
-Itzimimi : Disection!
-Panzeze : a good book is always nice, oh and i like cooking.

-Second Oldest : Turf war! and hang out with my sisters!
-SWOcto : Patrol, or just be outside taking in fresh air.
-Young Octo : Fashion magazines~

18) Any ambitions for the future?
-vVizaza : Get married and have kids~
-vVarara : Peace, and a galaxy "peacefully and happily" under our control...
-Vasisi : becoming the second in command for the supreme commander.
-Itzimimi : Becoming the supreme commander~
-Panzeze : Settle down, become a baby sitter...

-Second Oldest : To have lots of friends to hang with! and maybe become a diplomat for the octolings!
-SWOcto : meeting the perfect lover, any gender is fine, kids are optional.
-Young Octo : Fashion idol Yo!~

19) what's your melee weapon of choice? (EXTRA QUESTION)
-vVizaza : Rapiers
-vVarara : Spear
-Vasisi : Nodachi
-Itzimimi : Khukuri
-Panzeze : Medieval war hammer

-Second Oldest : Katana!
-SWOcto : The Bow.
-Young Octo : Sledge hammer<3

(Guest Appearance)
-Black Squid Chan: Metal bat!
-ZMSquid : My Fists.
-Rimono : Nata..or BillHook?

I tagg

:iconburned-ink: my bro! since you like tags ^3^ this one is easy and quick!
:iconchaos-le-mieux: here! maybe this'll help as an excuse if you wanna do it again~
:iconaleksprod: my fam homie<3
:iconmrfr0st: just in case if you're bored<3
:iconthefroggyqueen: i miss your awesome OCs<3
 -To Do list:
+ Draw some Vasisi
+ Draw a Panzeze
+ Che-Che maybe
+ Maybe some octolings
+ And some squids

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Ink Queen (Muk) (Female)
Jamm Jamm (Previously named Zapper) (Alola Raichu) (male)
Perfe (Ditto) (female)
Kyuuna (mimikyu)(female)

Gomo (Dragonite)(Female)
Momo (Gothitelle)(male)
Hyne (Hydreigon)(Female)
Osso (Goodra)(male)

+Artists that i care for/respect the most

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